As Kinowelt and Optimum are rebranded, the company’s new ident showcases music by Alexandre Desplat.

studiocanal trailer

It might take us a while to get accustomed to writing StudioCanal when we’ve written Optimum for so long (the rebranding — full story here — became official as of Sept 1).

But this new ident should help. This piece of work, created by boutique creative agency devilfish, will be unveiled today in Venice ahead of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

The music feels a bit Cannes-y to me (a good thing to aspire to), and it has been composed by industry stalwart Alexandre Desplat (Harry Potter, Benjamin Button, The King’s Speech).

Cinematographer Harris Zambarloukos (Mamma Mia, Enduring Love) shot it, using a large installation of 25 glass panels (which in design agency speak is supposed to represent StudioCanal’s library of films) and then used abstract light from StudioCanal films that were projected on to the panels.

You can see the new visual ident here.