Summit Entertainment has closed key Berlin sales on NiallJohnson's comedy Keeping Mum, which stars Rowan Atkinson and Kristin Scott Thomas in the storyof a diligent vicar who is totally oblivious to his wife's affair.

Summit sold the picture toConstantin Film in Germany, Icon Film Distribution in Australia, SND in France,IIF in Italy and TriPictures in Spain. As previously announced, EntertainmentFilm Distributors will distribute in the UK.

Keeping Mum also went to Gussi in Latin America, Nordisk in Scandinavia, ACompany AG in Russia, Ascot Elite in Switzerland, Belga in the Benelux, Matalonin Israel, Odeon in Greece, and Revolutionary Releasing in Poland and Hungary.

ACME took rights in the Baltics, SPI in Czech Republic, Blitz inCroatia and Slovenia, Mirius Tuck in Serbia, Sam Film in Iceland, PT Camila inIndonesia, Jaguar Films in the Middle East, WPM Film International in Thailand,and Lusomundo Audiovisuais SA in Portugal.

President and chief executive officer Patrick Wachsberger,executive vice president and chief of the London office David Garrett, and vicepresident of international sales Harold van Lier negotiated for the company.

Garrett is Summit's point man on the project, which was puttogether by Tusk Productions in association with Azure Films, The Isle of Manand Allied Irish Bank, and is currently in production in London

Keeping Mum also stars Patrick Swayze as the brash American lover and MaggieSmith as the discreet housekeeper who ensures the town's secrets remain secret.

"We are veryproud to be associated with this film," Wachsberger said. "Our success provesthat the buyers trust that Niall Johnson and the excellent assembly of talentand crew will deliver a box-office hit."