Defying gloom on the Croisette about a dearth of big-ticket Hollywood product, Summit Entertainment has closed major deals on its Cannes slate just four days into the market.

Among the deals was a five-territory sale to the newly assembled Alliance network, consisting of Momentum in the UK, Aurum in Spain, Eagle in Italy, Scanbox in Scandinavia and Alliance in Canada, of genre spoof Disaster Movie from the same team behind Scary Movie, Date Movie and Meet The Spartans.

Constantin in Germany and Icon in Australia also picked up the film which will be released domestically by Lionsgate.

Meanwhile Terrence Malick's 'hymn to life' The Tree Of Life starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn has sold fast to distributors including, marking Summit's first deal with the distributor, EuropaCorp in France. Icon has bought UK and Australia, TeleMuenchen Group took Germany, Svensk took Scandinavia, 01 bought Italy and Belga bought Benelux. The Tree Of Life is due for delivery in Nov 2009 and a domestic distribution home will be secured later in the year.

Summit co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger said that the film has received multiple offers from Japan, a notoriously tough territory at present; Summit also sealed a deal with Toho-Towa in Japan for its own production Knowing starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Alex Proyas.

Other hot Summit sellers include Impact Pictures' sci-fi horror movie Pandorum directed by Christian Alvart and starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. Icon has taken UK and Australia, Movie Eye bought Japan, Svensk in Scandinavia and Belga in Benelux. Constantin, which is a production company on the film through its Impact Pictures outfit, retains German rights.

Knowing, which teams Cage with Rose Byrne, is scheduled to be released by Summit in the US in early 2009. In addition to Summit output partners Telemuenchen Group in Germany, SND/M6 in France, Nordisk in Scandinavia and Entertainment 1 for UK and Canada, the film has gone to Icon in Australia, Eagle in Italy, Belga in Benelux and Dea Planeta in Spain.