Summit Entertainment has sealed a score of high-profile sales deals on its new titles including Brian DePalma-directed thriller Femme Fatale which will shoot in Paris no later than Feb 15.

Nippon Herald, which has been noticeably aggressive in its acquisitions strategy at London and MIFED, perhaps in anticipation of its planned public offering next year, bought Femme Fatale for Japan as well as Rob Sitch's hit Australian comedy The Dish. Earlier this week it also took three major pictures from Intermedia.

Icon Film Distribution bought UK and Highlight bought Germany on The Dish, while France's UGC took Femme Fatale. Several further deals are pending.

Femme Fatale, which is likely to star either Uma Thurman or Catherine Zeta-Jones in the title role, is a $30m-$35m picture which sees DePalma return to smaller films after Mission: Impossible and Mission To Mars. Tarak Ben Ammar's Paris-based Quinta Communications is financing the film, while Epsilon - a joint acquisition force between Kirch in Germany and Mediaset in Italy - retains German and Italian rights.

The thriller follows a woman trying to escape her troubled past only to find them coming back to haunt her.