The Sundance Institute has launched The Sundance Institute ArtHouse, a partnership with national arthouse theatres that will screen filmsfrom the festival past and present as part of the year-long celebration of theInstitute's 25th anniversary.

14 theatres in cities ranging from Orlando, Florida, to Nashville,Tennessee, and Bellingham, Washington, are among those that will participate.

Curators from each of the theatres are attending this year'sfestival to choose from this year's programme as well as pervious favouritessupported by the Institute.

'For 25 years, Sundance has been committed to buildingaudiences for independent film, and the art house cinemas carry on our workthroughout the year and at the local level,' festival programming directorJohn Cooper said.

'In so manyways, these theatres are some of the unsung heroes of independent film, andwe're excited to be collaborating with each of these 14 curators to bring newwork and classics in independent film to their local audiences.'