The Sundance Institute has named the 11 projects which have been selected for the annual Screenwriters Lab which takes place Jan 4 to 9 at the Sundance Village in Utah just prior to the Suncance Film Festival.

At the Lab, writers are given the opportunity to develop their work-in-progress screenplays in a community of screenwriters who have included in the past such luminaries as Naomi Foner, David Veloz, Alice Arlen and Stephen Gyllenhaal.

The selected participants and projects are as follows:
- Karatechamp (writer/director) 1985
- Erik Weiner & Jordan Allen-Dutton (co-writers) The Bomb-itty Of Errors
- Anna Kang (writer/director) The Chungs: The Lost Tribe Of Long Island
- Mark Bomback (writer/director) Disturbing The Peace
- Joshia Marston (writer/director) Maria Full Of Grace
- Michael Kang (writer/director) The Motel
- Laurence Coriat (writer) Panic Beach
- Yaphet Smith (writer/director) The Supermarvelous
- Jodi Gibson (writer/director) The Supreme Belief In Lady Luck
- Doug Sadler (writer/director) Swimmers
- Yesim Ustaoglu (writer/director) Waiting For The Clouds