Swedish director Kjell Sundvall and actor Rolf Lassgard are reteaming for the sequel to their 1996 Swedish box office hit The Hunters.

The Hunters 2, which recently began shooting in Sweden, will also star Peter Stormare alongside Lassgård as rival police detectives investigating a murder in Northern Sweden. The script has been written by Björn Carlström and Stefan Thunberg.

The film is being produced by Sonet Film AB in co-operation with Per, Björn och Stefan Film AB, Filmpool Nord and TV4 with support from The Swedish Film Institute and Nordisk Film & TV Fund.

“It took us a very long time to find a script good enough to go ahead with a sequel to the first film. Two conditions were also that Kjell (Sundvall) agreed to direct and that Rolf (Lassgård) agreed to once again play the lead. When we then were able to tie Peter (Stormare) to the other lead in the project we had the perfect combination to go ahead,” said Peter Possne, who is producing alongside Per Janérus and Björn Carlström.