The strength of the South Korean market is well reflected in this week'sinternational box office chart.

Representing five of the top 30 positions this week, South Koreanreleases playing well enough at home to make the international chart were ledby comedy sequel Hi, Dharma 2 at number ten.

So far this year, the market share for local films in South Korea standsat an incredible 64% - up 12.6% year-on-year, according to new figures compiledby Korean distributor CJ Entertainment and CJ CGV.

The importance of the territory was also demonstrated by the return tothe chart of Takashi Miike's Japanese title One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari).The horror title, which took $14m in Japan, opened in Korea and Italy thisweekend but took approximately $825,000 of its $921,000 weekend in South Korea.

Meanwhile, with a slew of strong holdovers, Shrek 2 remained topof the international chart over the weekend despite launching in just a singlenew territory, the Czech Republic. The animated hit also passed the $250m barrierat the international box office.

Spider-Man 2 is now challenging for the lead, having added 18 newterritories at the weekend and should snatch the it next weekend when it opensacross most of the remaining European territories including the UK and Spain.This week saw it swing easily past $100m, no doubt the first of many centennialmarks it will achieve.

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 scored plenty of records in itsfive international launch territories (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel andthe UK) to land in fifth, a rare position for a documentary. It boasted thebest screen average of any film in the international top 30 with a resounding$14,300.

A solid UK launch for Frank Coraci's Around The World In 80 Daysbrought the Phileas Fogg adventure back into the chart at six. After adisappointing showing in Asian territories despite the presence of Jackie Chan,British comedian Steve Coogan (who plays Fogg) was brought to the fore for theUK launch. The film also opened in the United Arab Emirates where it took agood $253,617 from 20 screens.

Meanwhile UIP started the international roll out of Frank Oz's comedyremake of The Stepford Wives, claiming ninth place in the internationalchart. Four territories saw it released: France ($0.97m from 300 screens over afive-day weekend), Italy ($0.78m from 237 screens), Mexico ($0.6m from 255) andBelgium ($0.27m from 27 also over five days).

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