In a surprise move, theIrish Film Board has radically restructured, abolishing two senior positions inadvance of the appointment of a new CEO.

It is believed that the Headof Production and Development, Brendan McCarthy, andHead of Marketing, Moira Horgan, have already been told that their contractswill not be renewed in September.

Speaking to in advance of anofficial announcement of the restructuring, IFB chair James Morris said: "Theboard believes a flatter staff organisation would bemore appropriate and would improve the way the [IFB] deals with the industry.The new CEO will act as head of production and development and this will allowa redirection of resources to the area of legal and financial expertiserequired to look after the IFB's interests in complexproduction financing agreements."

Saluting their work with theIFB over the last four years, Morris said: "Moira and Brendan have done atremendous job with the board but the structure was a bit top heavy and weneeded to put more resources out on the front line where the industry needsthem."

The IFB is currently recruiting a new CEO, whose position, said Morris, would effectively be that of an "editor-in-chief". He confirmed that the presentstaff complement of sixteen would be maintained and that no further changes areenvisaged at the IFB. "It is a big change but in time it will provide abetter organisation."

According to Morris the restructuring will also enable a more focused use ofresources in the board's efforts, as a film commission, to attract inwardproduction, while other marketing functions will be outsourced as needed.

News of the restructuring will add considerable interest to the open forumbeing held by the IFB on July 9 during the Galway Film Fleadh,which kicks off on July 5. The relatively new board, which was appointed lastJanuary, is hosting the event as a step towards having "open and regularcommunication so that we may have the benefit of feedback from all sections ofthe industry."