Ian Sutherland, who was previously senior vice president, international marketing, at United International Pictures (UIP) in London, has joined MGM Distribution Co as senior vice president - international theatrical distribution and marketing to be based in Los Angeles.

Sutherland, who worked with MGM when it was a partner in UIP, will report jointly to Larry Gleason, president, worldwide distribution, and Gerry Rich, president - worldwide theatrical marketing. He will oversee international release plans and spearhead international publicity campaigns for all MGM and United Artists films.

In November, MGM will start distributing its films internationally through 20th Century Fox; it is as yet unclear as to how the role of MGM's London-based executive vice president of international marketing Gina Stroud will be affected.

However, as yet only one film in production - Original Sin starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie - has been retained by MGM for international distribution. The studio has enlisted a slew of foreign distribution partners on its pictures including Hyde Park Entertainment on Bandits and Antitrust, Universal Pictures on Hannibal, Winchester Films on Heartbreakers and Helkon Media and Toho Towa on Rollerball.

Sutherland joined UIP in 1989 as national marketing manager and was subsequently promoted to vice president - international marketing and then senior vice president.