The critics might have givenOliver Stone's Alexander as cool a reception as in the States, but theepic nevertheless laid siege to the box-office across the region and conqueredthe top of the charts in Denmark, Sweden and Finland (it is released in Norwayon Dec 3).

In Sweden, where Stonegraced the premiere with a visit and picked up a lifetime achievement award atthe Stockholm Film Festival, Alexander grossed a healthy $474,567 andheld a strong $7,780 screen average on its 61 prints. The Incredibles onsecond, took the hardest hit, but its massive 182 prints kept it in front of BridgetJones: The Edge Of Reason, which retained a solid $5,299 average from its80 prints on third. This week's other new releases were less convincing, as WhiteChicks grossed just $29,739 on 13th and Ken Loach's Ae Fond Kissjust $16,685 on 20th, both from 10 prints.