In its third weekKay Pollak's local romantic drama Saa Som I Himmelen managed tooutperform Shrek 2 as it moved into the top spot with a strong $6,673screen average on its high 100 prints.

In second place Shrek2 had just half that on its 159 prints, while the new release of TheBourne Supremacy scored this week's best average of $8,656 on its 39prints.

A Hole In My Heart, thecontroversial new film from Lukas Moodysson, as anticipated got a less thanenthusiastic reception than his previous crowd pleasers like Togetherand Fucking Amal, as it took a $3,480 screen average on its 25 prints.

The fastfoodbashing documentary Super Size Me did marginally better, but with justeight prints only made it into 16th place.