Nothingmuch happened at the Swedish chart this week, as positions one through fiveremained unchanged with Kill Bill Vol.2 as a strong leader with a solid$3,217 screen average on its 39 prints.

The newrelease of Angelina Jolie's serial killer outing Taking Lives did lessimpressively with just its $1,949 screen average on 17 prints, which only gaveit a sixth spot. However, this week's best screen average again belonged toScanbox's release the Oscar-winning Monster, which had a strong $4,794on its just 10 prints.

At 19,the award-winning local black comedy drama Four Shades Of Brownreentered the top 20 with a solid $1,002 average on its just eight prints. Ithas grossed $529,626 for Svensk Filmindustri after 14 weeks.