The Swedish Film Institute has announced that it is to continue its policy of backing independent producers and production companies rather than individual productions.

The scheme was established last year in order to help production companies cover overhead costs while developing new projects. Unlike traditional state backing, where funds are allotted to a single project, the Fund for Independent Producers awards finances directly to the company instead.

'Out of five production companies that received this form of backing last year, four are now able to put projects into production this autumn,' said Peter Hald, vice president of the Swedish Film Institute and head of the Production Support Department. 'We are happy with the result and therefore agreed this year on rewarding more production companies than we did the first time, without reducing the amount paid per recipient.'

This year, 12 companies received $60,000 (SEK600,000) each under the scheme. Among them are Sweetwater (House Of Angels, Gossip), Moviola Film & Television (Hamilton), Memfis Film & Television (Jalla! Jalla!) and Roy Andersson Film Produktion (Songs From The Second Floor).

'I would not discourage newly-established companies from applying for money,' added Hald. 'But as it is, we have chosen to support well-established and renowned producers who have proved able to develop projects.'