Sweden has submitted Jesper Ganslandt's Falkenberg Farewell (Farval Falkenberg)as its official candidate for the Oscar nomination as Best Foreign-LanguageFeature.

The film opened domesticallylast week and is already showing appeal for international buyers after itsfestival screenings. The film was shown in Venice Days at the VeniceInternational Film Festival, and in Toronto's Discovery section. "We immediately closed dealsfor the Benelux, through Filmfreak, and Greece, through Hollywood Entertainment, and severalterritories are pending," said sales executive Natja Rosner, of Denmark's Trust Film Sales, handling international sales.

Ganslandt's feature debut,scripted with Fredrik Wenzel, is the story of five childhood friends, now youngmen, who spend a last summer together in the provincial town of Falkenberg. Released in Sweden by Sonet Film, the film was produced by Anna Anthonyfor Memfis Film.

Meanwhile Iceland has put forth its candidate: Ragnar Bragason's Children (Born). The Nordic Film CouncilPrize nominee, screening in San Sebastian's Zabaltegi sidebar, is the first part of a twin feature.

Childrendeals with the roles of childrenand parents in Icelandic society, depicting a group of dysfunctional people,including an underworld thug, a single mother with four kids and aschizophrenic.

Produced by by Gisli OrnGardarsson and Bragason for Vesturport, it is being sold internationally by TheWorks.