The resilience of Mikael Haafstroem's Evil was proved this weekend when the massive 109 print release of Anders Nilsson's action-thriller The Third Wave was unable to unseat it from the top spot.

The Third Wave is the third instalment in the writer-director's trilogy following the box-office hits Zero Tolerance (1999) and Executive Protection (2001), and again sees a former policeman dealing with international crime. The film did manage a healthy $4,506 screen average, but was no match for Evil's $5,557 down from $7,262 last week.

The best screen average this week belonged actually belonged to Triangel Film's new six print release of City Of God, which was only enough for a 12th position behind the disappointing Bringing Down The House.

This weekend also saw Ulf Malmros' black comedy Slim Susie drop to fourth and despite last week's rave reviews Kristian Petri's Details moved down to 14th.