As the top of the Swedish chart remained all but unchanged for another weekend with the two local hits Evil and The Third Wave in front, the new release of Kjell-Aake Andersson's drama comedy Let's Play House (MammaPappaBarn) confirmed how difficult it has been a many of the new local films to make it in the top 10.

Starring such popular talents as Torkel Petersson (Kops), Maria Bonnevie (I Am Dina) and Sven Nordin (Elling), it tells the story of a contented father and husband who, during paternity leave, realises that real love can never be planned.

Despite its high 56 prints, it opened ninth behind Clint Eastwood's Mystic River, which on just 10 prints kicked in with an impressive $9,066 screen average compared to Let's Play House's $1,596. Last week's Sonet release Emma And Daniel - The Meeting, climbed some 19% up the chart, but the real chart climber was Eddie Murphy's Daddy Day Care, which went up 64%.