As elsewhere The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King flattened all competition and set box-office records at the Swedish box-office, but the other new US release family comedy Freaky Friday fared well despite the mammoth competition.

Though its 63 prints only allowed for a fourth position on the chart, it scored a better screen average than the higher placed Finding Nemo and Love Actually in second and third.

Further down the chart the new local family film from Linus Torell, Misa Mi, failed to attract much attention and mustered only a 625 screen average compared to Swimming Pool's opening on just seven prints with a 1,756 average. Dec 25 will see the release of another two local films, Peter Dalle's Skenbart (Illusive Tracks) and Ella Lemhagen's Tur Och Retur (Immediate Boarding).