BVI's Brother Bear beat the thrills of the prolific Kjell Sundvall's latest action film The Threat, partly because of its massive 149 prints, although its screen average was only slightly better than last week's new local release The Ketchup Effect (Hip Hip Hora!), the feature debut from newcomer Terese Fabik.

However, this week's best performer on just 11 prints was Sandrew Metronome's Lost In Translation, which managed an impressive $10,701. The limited release of Four Shades Of Brown, made by Sweden's answer to Monty Python, on just six prints only hits the capital Stockholm this week, but following the rave reviews it had, it is getting the most out of its prints, with a $5,331 screen average.

An impressive number of local films are still in the top ten, including Berlin contender Daybreak on ninth.