Swedish media giant Bonnier has reported record earnings from film, video and DVD distribution in Scandinavia over the last eight months.

While earnings for the media group in total fell by $49.25m (SEK457m) due to a steep decline in the advertising market, Bonnier Entertainment posted an increase of $18.2m (SEK169m) compared with the same eight month period last year.

Sales for Bonnier Entertainment rose by 26% while last year's loss was reversed to a profit of $5.17m (SEK48m).. Bonnier Entertainment produces and distributes film through its subsidiaries Svensk Filmindustri, SF Bio and Home Entertainment.

SF Bio reported a 25% increase in the number of Swedish cinema admissions during the summer, largely driven by. The Lord Of The Rings, which has been seen by 2.2m Swedes to date. Current and upcoming titles from SF Bio include Swedish animated feature Karlsson On The Roof, XXX and The Lord Of The Rings: The Twin Towers.