Nick Willing's Doctor Sleep, Robert Schwentke's Tattoo and Paul Harather's The Praying Mantis are among the films lined up to compete for the Silver Méliès at Sweden's Fantastic Film Festival (FFF) on September 21-29.

The full line-up of the festival includes a total of 27 features and 41 short films from 21 countries. The nine-day event, which will take place in Lund and Malmo in the south of Sweden, opens with the Scandinavian premiere of Dog Soldiers by Neil Marshall, and ends with Jason X, the tenth part in the Friday The 13th series.

The 8th edition of Sweden's FFF will also screen a Peter Jackson retrospective, as well as a tribute series to the memory of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren who died earlier this year.

From this year on, FFF will take part in handing out the Méliès award, named after French film pioneer Georges Méliès who directed A Trip to the Moon in 1902. Next year, the winner of the Silver Méliès at FFF 2002 will compete against seven other Silver Méliès winners, which will have been selected winners at other festivals within the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation. The winner of the Golden Méliès will be announced at next year's edition of Cinénygma in Luxembourg.

The following films are competing for the Silver Méliès at FFF 2002:

Anazapta (Alberto Sciamma, UK)
Chaos (Geraldine Creed, Ireland/UK/Germany/Denmark)
Dagon (Stuart Gordon, Spain)
Doctor Sleep (Nick Willing, UK)
The Praying Mantis (Paul Harather, Austria)
Tattoo (Robert Schwentke, Germany)