Film I Vast, Sweden's successful regional film fund, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in January, has lined up another busy schedule, including highly anticipated new films from Jalla! Jalla! director Josef Fares, Executive Protection's Anders Nilson and Dan Ying (Home Sour Home).

Fares will shoot his as yet untitled action comedy for Memfis Film; Nilson will shoot another installment of his action-thriller trilogy The Third Wave (Den Tredje Vaagen) for Sonet, which also produces Dan Ying's Sandra. Thomas Alfredson shoots his Office Hours (Kontortid) from the end of February for Svensk Filmindustri, and Lisa Ohlin has The Adoption (Adoptionen) for Illusion Film.

The next Danish director to shoot with the help of the Swedish fund will be veteran Soren Kragh-Jacobsen, who will bring his English-language film Skagerrak to the Trollhattan studios - as soon as Lars von Trier finishes off his Dogville there.