Swedish major Svensk Filmindustri signs up film rights for unwritten books by popular novelist Denise Rudberg (pictured).

Svensk Filmindustri (SF) has purchased the film rights for three as-yet-unwritten books by Swedish author Denise Rudberg.

Rudberg, who is known for her ”chick lit” novels, has nine books planned with publishing house, Norstedts Agency. She is currently writing A Small Affair (Ett Litet Snedsprång), which will be out in August. A screenplay is being developed to be ready at the same time.

SF producer Johanna Bergenstråhle said the company made the unusual move of signing up unwritten novels because of Rudberg’s track record. Her books sell around 100,000 copies.

A Small Affair is about the discovery of a  child’s skeleton in Stockholm’s Royal garden, Kungliga Djurgården. Marianne Jidhoff, the district attourney’s secretary – a 55-year-old woman who has been widowed but has returned to work – joins the police investigation.

SF is currently looking for scriptwriters and directors.