Swedish distribution and productioncompany Sonet Film is readying a number of international film projects to addto its slate of local productions.

The first project is English language title A PerfectFamily, a co-production with Sonet's newAmerican partner, independent production company Sound Pictures. Currently inpre-production, the absurd and romantic drama comedy centres on a family aboutto implode. It will be directed by first time film maker Matthew Allen andproduced by Sonet's Joakim Hansson. Shooting will start in Los Angeles in Aprilwhile post- production will take place in Swedish Trollhattan. The Swedishpremiere is set for January 2006.

Zoula Pitsiava of Sonet Film willproduce Bosnian political love thriller Romeo and Julia in Sarajevo, the first film byJasenko Selimovic who works as a theatre director in Sweden. The shoot is totake place in Sarajevo in the spring of 2006.

Sonet Film has also bought theinternational rights for Tracy Chevalier's bestselling novel The Virgin Blue. The film, an internationalco-production to be shot in Europe in 2006, will be produced by Peter Possne.

Finally, Spyglass Pictures is toproduce an American re-make of Swedish Sonet production The Invisible. Spyglass recently bought theinternational rights for the thriller from Sonet and the film is to be directedby David Goyer.

Sonet Film's first English-languageproduction, Jack Ersgard's thriller Rancid, premiered at Swedish cinemas inDecember 2004.