One of Sweden's most successful directors, Kjell Sundvall, starts shooting his new film The Threat (Hotet) on March 19. Principal photography is to take place in and around Alvsbyn in the north of Sweden until April 15, when filming will continue in Stockholm.

Following last year's biggest Swedish box office hit, romantic drama The Guy In The Grave Nextdoor (Grabben i graven bredvid), Sundvall's new project is an action thriller about a computer programmer at an airbase - who must chose between becoming a traitor or staying loyal to his country.

Famous local actors including Shanti Roney, Maria Bonnevie (I Am Dina) and Stefan Sauk will star in the film. Sauk has also written the script together with well-known thriller author Karin Alvtegen and Ken Lindberg.

The Threat is produced by Christer Abrahamsen and Karl Fredrik Ulfung. Production companies include Cinema Art/Breidablick Film, SVT, Filmpool Nord, KinoFinlandia and Filmpeople A/S in cooperation with Universal Pictures Nordic and with financial support from the Swedish Film Institute and Nordisk Film- & TV Fund. Universal Pictures Nordic and Sonet Film will distribute the film.

The Swedish premiere is set for January 2004.