Richard Hobert, director of last year's Everyone Loves Alice, has assembled some of Sweden's top actors to star in his new film, Three Suns (Tre Solar).

Actors such as Lena Endre (Faithless, Everyone Loves Alice), Maria Bonnevie (I Am Dina), Mikael Persbrandt (Everyone Loves Alice) and 11-year-old Natalie Minnevik (Berlin Kinderfilmfest winner Elina) are all set to take part in the film.

Following the critically acclaimed Everyone Loves Alice, which has been screened at a number of international film festivals and has been seen by around 280,000 Swedes, the shooting of Hobert's new film will take place in the south of Sweden from April 1 until the end of May.

Three Suns is an epic drama set in the 14th century. It tells the story of Hanna (Endre), who leaves her children and her farm to ride to the coast and meet her husband, a crusader who has been away fighting in the Orient for the past four years. On the way there, Hanna meets the plague which is spreading toward the interior of the country. Together with a friend she still decides to continue the trip, which turns out to be both distressing and violent.

Director and script writer Richard Hobert, whose eight previous feature films take place in modern time, says he is looking forward to making a period epic set in the Middle Ages. He claims that it is convenient for many reasons.

"It will be good to tell a story about human beings without having to include a lot of Coca-Cola signs. Also, horse riding is much more fun than driving around in cars, and it's not as complicated to let people die as it is in modern films. This is an epoch where you can tell an engaging story without having to include a lot of unnecessary rubbish, he said.

The $2.08m (SEK17.5m) film is to be produced by Sonet Film in co-production with Film i Vast and Cimbria Film, with financial support from the Swedish Film Institute. Peter Possne, managing director of Sonet Film and producer of Everyone Loves Alice, will produce.

Three Suns will premiere in Sweden in the beginning of 2004.