Sweden's most popular TV comedy production outfit, Killingganget, will celebrate its ten-year anniversary by making its first feature film.

In line with actor/writer group Killingganget's hugely successful TV formula the project will be a comedy consisting of several stories tied together the central characters.

The Swedish-language film, which has three different working titles and an as-yet unconfirmed budget, is being produced by SVT Fiktion, the drama department of Swedish broadcaster SVT, with financial support from the Swedish Film Institute and Nordisk Film & TV Fund.

Judging by appearances, Killingganget will stick to its characteristic combination of provincial humour and first-rate comedians, including Robert Gustafsson, Johan Rheborg and Henrik Schyffert. The actors are also part of the scriptwriting collective behind all of Killingganget's productions .

The new comedy will be directed by Tomas Alfredson, who has formerly worked with Killingganget on a number of its TV productions. Its theatrical release is scheduled for September 2003.