DreamWorks' blood soaked musical adaptation Sweeney Todd grossed knocked I Am Legend off its perch and grossed approximately $18.7m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from 1,760 screens in 11 markets for an early $30m running total.

Weekend business was boosted by a suitably red-blooded number one UK launch that generated $8.7m (£4.5m) from 436 venues, including previews.

The demon barber opened top in France on $4.4m (Eu3.1m) from 365, launched in second place in Australia on $1.3m (AU$1.5m) from 127 prints, and held on to top spot in its second weekend in Japan on $2.3m (¥255m) from 400 prints for $9.4m (¥1bn).

In two other holds, Sweeney Todd added $1.2m (KRW 1.1bn) from 202 screens in South Korea to rank third on $4.1m (KRW 3.8bn) and took $200,000 (NT$6.1m) from 85 in Taiwan to place second on $1.2m (NT$32.9m).

The Bucket List launched in its first overseas markets on $4.5m from more than 1,000 screens. Germany led the pack on $1.6m (Eu1.1m) from 367 prints, followed by Italy on $1.1m (Eu760,000) from 246 prints and Mexico on $846,000 (Ps 9.3m) from 283 screens.

I Am Legend finished the weekend as the number two title and still had enough muscle to add $15.8m from more than 5,400 prints in 57 markets for a formidable $290m. The sci-fi horror opened top in Sweden opened on $610,000 (SEK 4m) from 88 prints and beat out local title Ulak to open at number one in Turkey on $755,000 (TRY 920,000) from 111 prints.

In the second weekend I Am Legend held on to the number one spot in Mexico and added $2.3m (Ps 25.3m) from 509 prints for $8.6m (Ps 99.4m). After the same amount of time the tally in Brazil stands at $6.3m (R$11m) following a number one hold that generated $1.7m (R$3.2m). Latest figures put the UK on $49.3m, Japan on $37.5m, France on $26.8m, Australia on $18.7m, Spain on $18.2m, South Korea on $16.2m, Holland on $5.7m and Belgium on $4.5m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) National Treasure: Book Of Secrets added $13m this weekend from 3,929 screens in 38 territories thanks to strong launches in German-speaking Europe and Brazil that raised the tally to just under $160m.

The film opened top in Germany on $5.6m from 400 sites that came in at approximately 15% below the launch of National Treasure in 2004. Brazil generated $1.1m and bettered the original by 80%, while a number one launch in Austria on $725,000 from 90 screens produced a 40% increase on the original and a table-topping debut in Switzerland on $675,000 from 80 screens beat the original by 15%. The sixth weekend in Japan produced $490,000 from 435 for $22.3m. The film has surpassed the lifetime total of National Treasure by 20%.

Enchanted added $4.1m for $167.2m. The film remained in the top 10 in the UK where it added $915,000 in the seventh weekend for $33m. It also took $390,000 for $10.5m in its fifth weekend in Australia and opened in Thailand on $375,000. Openings to come include Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Fox International's 27 Dresses took $2m from 330 screens in four territories as the running total climbed to $11m. The romantic comedy stayed top for the third consecutive weekend in Australia where $1.3m raised the tally to $9.6m. Puerto Rico opened in second place on $105,000 from 27.

Alvin And The Chipmunks crossed $100m as $6.5m from 3,000 in 39 raised the cumulative total to $105.6m. The family film grossed $1.2m from 264 in the second weekend in Italy for $3.6m, $1.1m from 255 for $13.7m in the fourth in Australia and $1.4m from 434 for $17.6m in the sixth in the UK.

AVP2 added $6.1m from 3,500 screens in 53 for $79.3m, fired by a $758,000 Italian launch on 202. The UK added $1.9m from 400 for $7.4m.

Juno added $1.5m from 208 screens in three markets for $4.4m, buoyed by a $1.2m second weekend hold in Australia on 180 that ranked third for $3.8m and an excellent $161,000 launch on nine screens in Sweden. The Darjeeling Limited stands at $10.9m and Hitman has amassed $50.1m.

Universal's American Gangster crossed $100m at the international box office on Saturday [Jan 26] as $7.5m through UPI from 1,579 sites in 43 territories raised the tally to $104.3m. The crime drama launched in Brazil on a mighty $800,000 from 180 sites and held firm in second place in Italy following last weekend's huge debut, adding $3.1m from 331 for $9.2m. There are five territories to open including the first launch next weekend in the new UPI office in Mexico.

Charlie Wilson's War grossed $3.7m from 1,100 venues in 16 territories for an early $15.4m. There were six launches including Australia's $700,000 from 125, New Zealand's $81,000 from 31 and a second place finish in Argentina on $236,000 from 39. The drama added $1m from 299 in the second weekend in France for $3.5m and ranked eighth in the UK after three as $1m from 386 elevated the cumulative total to $7.5m. There are 40 territories to go.

Propelled by last week's Academy Award and BAFTA nominations, Atonement grossed $3.5m from 1,075 venues in 30 territories as the international total climbed to $55.5m. The drama opened in Egypt, Greece, Hungary and Singapore and delivered a strong number three hold in the third weekend in Spain as $820,000 from 181 sites raised the total to $4.2m.

The UK stands at $23.6m after 20 weekends and the global total has reached $93.1m and is expected to cross $100m next weekend. There are 24 territories to go.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age grossed $250,000 from 348 locations in 25 territories for $48.2m. There are 10 territories to go over the next three months including Mexico and Japan.

Into The Wild, which UPI is releasing in Spain, opened in second place on $250,000 from a limited 81 sites.

Lust, Caution grossed $255,000 from 119 in four territories, raising Universal's total to $4.1m. The period spy thriller ranked ninth in Australia in its second weekend on limited release as $90,000 raised the running total to $325,000.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) comedy Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story took in $510,000 from 346 screens in the UK and Australia for an early $1.3m tally. The film opened in 12th place in Australia on $325,000 from 346 and added $185,000 from 196 in its second weekend in the UK to rank 15th on $941,000.

Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep grossed $800,000 from 450 in four for $8.2m and ranks ninth in Australia after three weekends on $4m and 11th in Mexico on $3.7m after five.

Paramount Pictures International and New Line International had not returned calls at time of writing.