Scriptmarket, a scheme to help up-and-coming screenwriters get their films made and on screen, opens for submissions tomorrow (February 27).

'Emerging screenwriters may have written or even optioned a great spec script, but getting it noticed, getting feedback on it and getting meetings to progress it can be an uphill battle,' said David Pearson, director international, Screenwriters Festival and producer at Arturi Films.

'Scriptmarket can help kick start the process and facilitate the journey of getting your writing on screen .'

Successful applicants will attend the four-day Scriptmarket, taking place as part of the fourth International Screenwriters' Festival (SWF) from 26 to 29 October 2009.

The 30 successful Scriptmarket applicants will receive a professional report summarising the strengths of their screenplay as well as areas to improve.

They will be invited to attend a market ready screenplay workshop in June to prepare them for their script meetings at the Festival with an established agent, producer, director or developer.

The participants' scripts will be included in the 'SWF 2009 Script Library', made available to producers, agents and other key professionals attending the Screenwriters' Festival.