Yaron Zilberman's documentary Watermarks was the publicchoice for the grand prize at the 11th edition of the RencontresInternationales de Cinema in Paris.

The film's as yet unnamed distributor will receive $18,000from the Forum des Images which organises the Rencontres within the frameworkof the three-year-old Paris Cinema event. The money is earmarked to help fundthe film's release. Zilberman himself will receive $18,000 while the film willalso benefit from an ad campaign worth $19,000 for its French theatrical run.

Waterworks isa co-production between France, Israel and the US. The film traces the story ofseven women who were competitive swimmers in Austria during the time of itsannexation to Nazi Germany.

Despite the closing of the club and their own exile, thewomen never stopped swimming..

The critics' prize went to How The Garcia Girls SpentTheir Summer by Georgina Garcia Riedel. The award comes with a $24,000campaign on local thematic channel Cine Cinemas.

Riedel's comedy/drama is a coming of age tale about threegenerations of Mexican-American women set in Arizona and is the director'sfirst film.

Finally, the prize of the future went to Ronde De Nuit byveteran filmmaker Edgardo Cozarinsky.The award is given by a jury of local film students.

From Argentina and France, Ronde De Nuit is the storyof Victor, a prostitute and drug dealer in Buenos Aires. Things change forVictor when he meets a woman with mysterious supernatural powers.