Frank Mannion's Swipe Filmshas picked up international sales on Paper Clips, the acclaimedfeature documentary that passed the $1m mark at the US box office last weekend.

Thefilm, directed by Elliot Berlin and Joe Fab follows the story of students in arural Tennessee school who collect one paper clip for each person exterminatedduring the Holocaust. The students collect 11 million - including paper clipsfrom George Bush and Tom Hanks - and create a memorial railcar in theirschoolyard.

Produced by ErgoEntertainment, Paper Clips began a platform release last year in the USthrough One Clip At A Time, and is now in over 40 markets. The film isreportedly one of only three movies to have been seen by George Bushthis year.

"It's a really importantsubject," said Matthew Hiltzik, an executive producer on the film and head ofcorporate communications at Miramax. "It celebrates educators, children andcommunity and how people from different cultures work together."

At Cannes, the London-basedSwipe is also selling Coma, a feature documentary by Mike Figgis and Gypo,a Dogme film from Jan Dunn.