Mike Eschmann's teen-comedy Ready, Steady, Charlie! (Achtung, Fertig, Charlie!) became the all-time biggest local opener in Switzerland when it took the lead on an unprecedented 49 prints in the German region of the country attracting over 70,000 admissions after a large wide-spread marketing and media blitz.

This included a premiere in Zurich attended by the cast and crew and other Swedish celebrities as well as promotional interviews with the actors and director on every major radio and TV station. The distributor created two separate poster motifs, not previously done for a Swiss film, to create early awareness and arranged a special deal with IP Multimedia, one of the biggest media agencies in Switzerland, which saw the company show the film's trailer whenever they had space in a broadcast.

Meanwhile, another rare site was seen when German film Good Bye, Lenin! saw a resounding launch in the French region of the country. Landing in fourth in the French-speaking sector, the comedy finished eighth overall and has been on release in the German sector for over six months.