Record-breaking Swiss comedy Ready, Steady, Charlie! proved unstoppable in the German region of the country in its second week. The film actually rose 14% from its launch weekend, when it became the biggest local opener of all time, after adding six more screens to its run. Charlie has taken $2m (SFR 2.6m) after just 11 days on release.

New release Identity, from BVI, saw a strong reception receiving the best screen average of the week after Charlie. Good openings in both the German and French regions propelled the thriller into fourth position. In the German-speaking region it earned $131,911 (SFR 177,420) from 21 screens for a $6,281 average. The French region was also strong providing $46,920 (SFR 63,108) from nine screens for a $5,213 average.

Seabiscuit's German-region launch mirrored that for Germany, taking a so-so $75,150 (SFR 101,077) from 25 screens for a $3,006 average that left UIP's drama in seventh place. It opes in the French region on Oct 8.

Meanwhile China-Hong Kong co-production Hero saw a mighty French-region launch after releasing in the German sector 17 weeks ago. Taking $39,883 (SFR 53,643) from six screens the film boasted a screen average of $6,647 for the weekend - the best per screen average of any film in the French-region.