Oscar-nominated animator Sylvain Chomet is reported to be considering establishing a base in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.

Chomet, an Oscar contender for The Triplets Of Belleville, will be working with Four Way Pictures, the Scottish company established by Robert Carlyle, Antonia Bird, Irvine Welsh and Mark Cousins.

The Triplets Of Belleville received its UK premiere at the 2003 Edinburgh International Film Festival where Chomet met representatives of the company. He has also had meetings with a number of local agencies, including Scottish Screen who have backed Four Way's first venture into animation with a £25,000 development grant.

Chomet used studios in Montreal, France, Belgium and Latvia to put together The Triplets Of Belleville and is currently developing Barbacoa, an animated feature set at the time of the Paris Commune in 1871. The story tells of a Paris vet struggling to protect a monkey from the starving children of a city under siege from Prussian troops. Chomet has described the project as "an absurd poetic comedy that becomes this sad story in the end".

Four Way Pictures is currently developing a number of feature projects including an adaptation of the Emily Barr novel Backpack and the long-planned historical adventure Jamie McGillivray in which Robert Carlyle will star for director John Sayles.