Park Chan-wook's Sympathy For LadyVengeance took best picture at this year's Blue Dragon Awards in Seoul.

The Venice competition entry also picked up the best leading actressaward for Lee Young-ae's performance, despite strong competition from Jeon Do-yeonin romantic drama You Are My Sunshine.

Box office hits in thesecond half of the year, the two films had the most nominations going into theawards with eight and seven nominations respectively.

You Are My Sunshine took home best director for second-timer Park Jin-pyo (Too Young To Die) and best leading actorfor Hwang Jeong-min, who played a naïve country bachelor who falls in love witha bar girl with AIDS. Park thanked the actual persons involved in the story forletting him dramatise it.

With more than eight millionadmissions nationwide, Welcome To Dongmakgol took the Most Popular Film award, as wellas best supporting actor and best supporting actress for Im Ha-ryong and KangHye-jeong (Old Boy) respectively.

Best new director went toJeong Yoon-chul for tearjerker Marathon, the tale of a young autistic marathon runner, whichwas the only blockbuster of early 2005.

Best new actress went to KimJi-soo for her feature debut in the internationally-acclaimed This Charming Girl. The long-timetelevision actress humorously noted she was "probably the oldest awardee inthis category."

Hosted at Youido KBS Hall byactor Jeong Joon-ho and actress Kim Hye-soo on Nov 29, the ceremony proveditself a high-profile red carpet affair, befitting its longstanding rivalrywith Korea's Grand Bell Awards in June.

The jury that made the finalselection was headed by Pusan International Film Festival director Kim Dong-ho,joined by filmmakers Choi Dong-hoon, Kim Yoo-jin and Park Heung-shik, criticsand professors Joh Hye-jeong and Gang Han-seob, author Lee In-hwa, actress LeeHye-jeong and newspaper editor Park Yong-jae.

26th Blue Dragon Awards:

Best Picture:
Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (dir. Park Chan-wook / prod. Moho Film)

Best Director:
Park Jin-pyo (You Are My Sunshine)

Best Leading Actress:
Lee Young-ae (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance)

Best Leading Actor:
Hwang Jung-min (You Are My Sunshine)

Best Supporting Actress:
Kang Hye-jung (Welcome To Dongmakgol)

Best Supporting Actor:
Im Ha-ryong (Welcome To Dongmakgol)

Best New Actress:
Kim Ji-soo (This Charming Girl)

Best New Actor:
Chon Jung-myung (The Aggressives)

Best New Director:
Jung Yoon-chul (Marathon)

Best Cinematography:
Kim Ji-yong (A Bittersweet Life)

Best Original Screenplay:
Go Yoon-hee and Han Jae-rim (Rules Of Dating)

Best Music:
Kim Joon-sung (Marathon)

Best Art Direction:
Lee Hyung-joo and Jo Geun-hee (Duelist)

Technical Award:
Shin Jae-ho (Blood Rain)

Best Lighting:
Shin Kyung-man (Duelist)

Most Popular Film (MostAdmissions for a Korean Film):
Welcome To Dongmakgol (dir. Park Kwang-hyun / prod. Film It Suda)

Most Popular Performers(Netizen's Award):
Kang Dong-won, Ha Ji-won, Kim Soo-mi, Jo Seung-woo, Moon Geun-young