Japan's T-Joy has pounced on Oscar-nominated epic drama Mongol, acquiring all Japanese rights through its recently-established Laterna label.

Beta Cinema is selling the Sergei Bodrov-directed film, which is one of the final nominees for this year's best foreign-language film Oscar and features Japanese star Asano Tadanobu in the lead role of Genghis Khan.

Laterna plans to release the German-Russian-Kazakh co-production on April 5 on around 150 screens, a sizeable release for a foreign-language film.

The deal is the first notable acquisition for T-Joy/Laterna and the film will be first to be co-distributed by T-Joy and major studio Toei.

T-Joy is majority-owned by Toei, which has also invested in Laterna through its Toei Animation and Toei Advertising subsidiaries. Initially an exhibitor, T-Joy has moved into the production and acquisition of digital contents.

It launched Laterna in December 2007 to oversee development, financing and co-production of films, animation and documentary projects. The label's first production, Toshiro Saiga's coming-of-age drama Chesuto!, has its world premiere at Hong Kong Filmart next month.

On the acquisitions front, the company is looking for English-language, Asian and Latin American films. Previous pick-ups include Japanese comedy drama Gabai Granny and Taiwanese drama Do Over.