Terminator 3: Rise Of TheMachines kept up its record ofopening number one in every international market at the weekend, the highlightof which was a mighty $8m bow in France.

The sci-fi-action sequelgrossed an estimated $25.6m from 6,489 prints in its fourth weekend on release,raising the running total to $183m for all Columbia TriStar Film DistributorsInternational (CTFDI) markets and a handful of others in Japan and Korea.

In France, where CTFDIreleased it on 852 screens, T3 defied the European heatwave to score the18th biggest opening of all time.

It was also the thirdbiggest opening of the year behind local language hit Taxi 3 and TheMatrix Reloaded.

Belgium was also noteworthy,opening on $770,000 from 90 prints, while Norway produced $550,000 from 84.

T3 is expected to pass $200m next week and has a numberof territories to open, including Italy and China.

Bad Boys II opened number one in Korea, grossing $2.4m from 190prints in what was the widest release ever in the territory.

It was the third biggestopening of the year and has already grossed more than the original did in itslifetime ($2m).

Overall Bad Boys IItook $3.3m at the weekend for a $5m cumulative score. To date it has onlyopened in six markets.

Finally Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle added $3m from all markets for a $141.2m running total,overtaking the $138.8m international lifetime gross of the original.