London-based Tailor-MadeFilms has teamed with Brad Pitt, Brad Grey and Jennifer Aniston's Plan B toco-produce the film of Jay Rayner's novel The Apologist.

The book, which has alreadybeen published in the UK and will be published in the US in August by Simon& Schuster under the title Eating Crow, is the story of a man who becomes a full-time apologist for the UN.

"We are delighted to haveour co-producer Plan B in place and with the collective industry weight of BradPitt, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey as the heads of the company, a project asZeitgeisty as The Apologist has areal chance of getting off the starting blocks quickly with the appropriateA-list talent attached," said Tailor-Made managing director Miriam Segal in astatement.

"In the current politicalclimate, there is also something suitably apposite about this book being madeas a co-production between a UK and American company."

Tailor-Made is set to gointo production on its first feature Good in early 2005. A $15m adaptation of CP Taylor's stage play set in NaziGermany, the film will be directed by Peter Travis and star Colin Firth andJason Isaacs. Kevin Loader is the producer.

Segal establishedTailor-Made in 2000 after several years as a producer of series television atthe BBC. Other film projects in development include The Marvelous MabelStark to which Kate Winslet isattached to star, The Miracles Of Santa Fico adapted by Francesca Brill from the novel by DLSmith and The Great Ghost Rescue,a family film adapted by Gavin Scott from the book by Eva Ibbotson and KevinHawkes.