Taiwan's Central Motion Picture Corporation (CMPC) is wrapping up three films at a total budget of $6.6m (NT$225m)

In recent years Taiwan's film output has dwindled dramatically to around 10 films a year, compared to around 80 films a year in Hong Kong.

The three films from CMPC are Alex Yang's Taipei 21, Stan Yin's Black Dog Go Go (working title) and an animated feature titled The Dream of Butterfly - Leon and Joel.

The three films are being specifically targeted for Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards this year, said Jennifer Jao, head of CMPC's international development and business. 'CMPC was established 50 years ago and is always keen to boost local film production. This year is the 40th anniversary for the Golden Horse Awards and we definitely would like to help celebrate this gala event and to present a stronger line-up for Taiwan films,' adds Jao.

Jao is confident that Taipei 21, which is currently in post-production, and Leon And Joel, which is near completion, will be ready ahead of the Golden Horse's entry deadline on 31 September. But it may be a rush for Black Dog Go Go as shooting started just last week and it will take six weeks to finish shooting.

CMPC has high hopes on the $5.1m Leon And Joel, which is scheduled to have a pan-Asia premiere simultaneously in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia during Chinese New Year early next year.