Taiwan’s Government Information Office (GIO) has announced that it will increase the subsidies to foreign productions in Taiwan to encourage more international productions to shoot there.

Frank Chen, GIO’s director of Motion Pictures Department, says that the GIO has just changed its policy “Subsidy Guidelines on Foreign Film Production Companies Shooting Films in Taiwan”. 

The subsidy for a foreign production shooting in Taiwan and hiring Taiwanese cast or crew will rise from 15% to 25%.

Personnel expenses subsidy will be raised from 15% to 30%. While the subsidy for its transportation, accommodation and insurance costs will rise from 5% to 15%.

The policy change is among the changes brought by the newly appointed GIO minister Johnny Chiang, who took the post at the end of February.

Apart from the GIO subsidy scheme, Taiwan’s major cities Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung have separate subsidy schemes for foreign productions shooting in them.