Some24 hours ahead of the festival's main prizes, Taiwanese drama Somewhere OverThe Dreamland (Mon Huan Buo Luo), was named the winner of a particularlystrong Venice Critics' Week section.

The film, directed by Cheng Wen-Tang, was cited by the Criticsweek jury- comprising Julie Delpy, Screen International critic DanFainaru and Italian writer-director Carlo Lizzani - for the strength of its narrative andstructure, which interweaves two tales of lost love.

Told in Chinese and the indiginous Taiwanese language, Dreamlandfirst tells the story of a country dweller who goes to Taipei after receiving aletter that reminds him of a forgotten girlfriend. The second tale focuses on ayounger man who hands out in phone-bars and gets chatting with a woman whotells him a sad tale of past love in the countryside.

The film isproduced and sold by Taiwan's Green Light Film Production.

It beatstrong competition from Roger Dodger, Dylan Kidd's tale of lessons inseduction, Philippe Blasband's AnHonest Trader (Un Honnete Commercant) which tracks the interrogation of adrugs dealer, and Italy's relationship movie, Due Amici by Spiro Scimoneand FrancescoSframeli.