Quentin Tarantino isconsidering a continuation of his Kill Bill epic by writing and producing an anime prequel whichtells the early life story of Bill before the fatal events in his two-volumepicture.

Tarantino said he wouldwrite and oversee the picture and David Carradine would voice Bill. The filmwould be animated in the anime style which he used for a short stretch offlashback in Vol 1.

The film would follow thestory of Bill and his three mentors. It would start in Mexico when Bill isgodfathered by the pimp Estebian Vihaio (played by Michael Parks in Vol 2) and follow him to Japan where he is adopted bymaster Hattori Hanzo (played by Sonny Chiba in Vol 1) and then to China for a stint under the evil PeiMai (Gordon Liu in Vol 2). Thefilm would describe why Bill fell foul of both Hattori Hanzo and Pei Mai.

Tarantino, who was talkingto press about the concluding volume of Kill Bill over the weekend, said that the opus represented thefirst time in his career that he has created an entire mythology and that hewould be reluctant to leave it behind. He even speculated that in 15 years'time, he might return to the subject to focus on Vernita's daughter, whowatches the Bride (Uma Thurman) kill her mother (Vivica Fox) in Vol 1, and her quest for revenge on The Bride.

The director will nextdirect a segment of his friend Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's comic bookadaptation Sin City forMiramax/Dimension on which Rodriguez has encouraged film purist Tarantino toexperiment with digital video. Rodriguez composed a score of sorts for KillBill Vol 2 for a fee of just $1 inorder to show Tarantino that original scores can work well in addition to songsor music from other films. "I will probably charge him a dollar to work on SinCity," Tarantino joked.

Before Sin City, Tarantino will be on the road to promote KillBill Vol 2 around the world, a tourwhich concludes with his arrival at the Cannes Film Festival in May where he isserving as president of the jury in addition to showcasing Vol 2 out of competition. His stars Thurman, Carradine,Daryl Hannah and Michael Madsen will also attend.

And then there is the DVDrelease of Vol 1, which Tarantinohas only recently turned his attention to after he put the finishing touches onVol 2. He says that the DVD willinclude a selection of trailers for the film from around the world, as well astwo song performances by Japanese pop group The 5,6,7,8s in the House Of BlueLeaves which were not used in the film. Tarantino says that he and editor SallyMenke have cut the songs together, one of which is called "I Walk Like JayneMansfield."