Thailand's GMM Tai Hub (GTH) inked a flurry of deals on fourof its horrors at the AFM, including two deals with Tartan Films for NorthAmerican rights to psychological thriller Dormand horror blockbuster Shutter.

Last year, New Regencyacquired English-language remake rights to Shutter,but the deal did not cover North American distribution rights to the originalfilm.

GTH also scored more dealson Alone, the latest horror from Shutter's duo directors, includingPanasia Films for Taiwan, Queen Imperial Films for Indonesia and Cine Video for Mexico. The new horror about a long-lost Siamese twin waspreviously sold to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, France and Benelux.

GTH has also sold suspensehorror Body by Paween Purijitpanya toBrazil's PA Pictures, which handled the release of Shutter earlier this year to become thetop Thai film in Brazil.

Body isabout a medical student who is being haunted in his dreams by a bloody crimecommitted by a mysterious man. The terrifying images of a woman's body beingcarved up piece by piece with a surgical scalpel and flushed down the toiletbowl begin to take control of the student's waking life. He comes to believethat the dead woman is sending him messages of revenge.

Both Alone and Body are setfor an early 2007 release in Thailand.