Tartan Films of the UK has had a busy time at the Pusan festival and PPP market, picking-up ten pictures from Korean and Hong Kong sellers.

Heading the slate in terms of art-house prestige is probably 2046, Wong Kar-Wai's long awaited treatise on post-handover Hong Kong life. The company enjoyed great success with Wong's previous In The Mood For Love, but seller Fortissimo Film Sales has so far held of completion of deals for many territories as the film remains in protracted production. The two companies also struck a deal on Japanese Story, which appeared in Cannes earlier this year.

From Bavaria Films which is handling sales jointly with Cineclick Asia, Tartan also bought Korean renegade Kim Ki-Duk's Spring Summer, Fall, Winter' Spring.

In a triple deal with Mirovision, Tartan grabbed period action fantasy Sword In The Moon, horror hit Phone and Seance. From Cinema Service it licensed genre pieces Wishing Stairs and Into The Mirror.

And with Hong Kong's Golden Network, Tartan completed deals for Danny and Oxide Pang's Omen and The Unborn.

*Cinema Service also completed a three film package deal with Thailand's New World, covering Into The Mirror, romantic comedy Singles and melodrama Reversal Of Fortune. New World will itself handle video distribution while leading independent Mongkol will release the pictures theatrically.