Tartan Films has taken UKdistribution rights to Nick Broomfield's Ghosts, which has its UK premiere tonight at the LondonFilm Festival after screening at San Sebastian.

Ghosts is Broomfield's second fiction feature; he is alsoknown for his documentaries including Kurt And Courtney and Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer.

The film is about Chineseillegal immigrants working in substandard conditions in the UK food industry. Broomfieldstarted planning the film after 2004's Morecambe Bay cockle picking tragedy,when 21 Chinese workers died. Broomfield was also inspired by Hsiao-Hung Pai's relatedarticles in the Guardiannewspaper.

Ai Qin Lin stars as a womanwho journeys from poverty in China to various low-skilled jobs in the UK foodand supermarket businesses.

International sales are handled by Beyond Films.

"This is a project thatwe have been actively tracking for some time," said Tartan managingdirector Laura De Casto. "Nick Broomfield is a visionary filmmaker and atruly individual voice in cinema today.Ghosts is a stunningly poignant and tragic tale thatdeserves to be seen by a wide audience and we are delighted to have secured therights."

Broomfield added: "Ihave long admired the work that Laura and the whole team put behind theirreleases.Tartan are a company that actually care about their films.There just seemed to be a natural synergy between us and I know they will do agreat job for a movie that I'm very proud of."