Tartan Films Distribution(TFD) and European digital distribution service provider Arts Alliance Media(AAM) have signed an exclusive three-year digital rights and services dealcovering theatrical digital cinema and home distribution via video on demandand electronic sell-through.

The deal marks the firsttime a content provider has signed up for the entire package of AAM's digitaldistribution services.

Under the agreement AAM willprovide digital cinema encoding, encryption, digital cinema prints and securitykeys as well as digital content storage, mobile and portable device streamingfor all Tartan features and trailers.

In addition, AAM will haveexclusive rights to distribute TFD content via video on demand and electronic sell-throughand portable device streaming, and will serve as the exclusive creator andsupplier of all TFD digital assets.

The agreement coversupcoming Tartan releases such as The Proposition, Brothers Of The Head and Paul Verhoeven's upcoming Black Book, among others.

"For Tartan, Arts AllianceMedia is so far ahead of the game that this decision was a no-brainer," TFDchief Hamish McAlpine said.

"Tartan's eclectic mixof edgy content is perfectly suited for digital distribution channels whichwill allow their films to reach a wider audience previously unable to find thiscontent in traditional formats due to logistics and cost," AAM's chiefexecutive officer Howard Kiedaisch added.