Tartan Films, the production offshoot of UK specialist distributor Metro Tartan, is in production on Bundy, a biopic about the notorious mass-murderer. The film is backed by Overseas FilmGroup, which is also handling international sales.

Bundy, currently shooting in California, will be the second instalment in Tartan Films' serial killer trilogy, which was kicked off in macabre style by Chuck Parello's Ed Gein. Matthew Bright, whose credits include Confessions Of A Trick Baby, directs and has co-written the screenplay with Stephen Johnston.

Frankie Gillard, Michael Muscal and Metro Tartan chief Hamish McAlpine are producing through production entity Teddy Films.

Michael Reilly Burke takes the title role of Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers in America's history, who terrorised the country during the 1970s with a spree of grisly murders. Bundy managed two high-profile prison escapes before being executed in 1989.

Tartan Films' Ed Gein opens in the UK on July 20.