In the final shot of director Kinji Fukasaku's Battle Royale, a teenage boy who was not supposed to survive the government's horrifically staged game of death runs off into an uncertain future.

Actor Tatsuya Fujiwara - who played 'Boy #15' - has a much surer future ahead of him.

Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1982, Fujiwara developed a strong interest in acting at a young age. At 15, he auditioned for famed theatre director Yukio Ninagawa's production of avant-garde playwright Shuji Terayama's play Shintokumaru: Poison Boy.

It was subsequently performed at London's Barbican, and Ninagawa described Fujiwara as 'a rare talent'.

From that auspicious debut Fujiwara, represented by agency HoriPro, has been winning roles constantly.

But it was his emotional performance in Battle Royale that won him wide acclaim: he picked up the Japan Academy Prize for Best Newcomer, and went on to pick up several other awards.

'It's hard to say what I like about acting in one word, but it's great collaborating with a group of talented people,' says Fujiwara, who has a gravity beyond his years.

Following two Battle Royale films, the actor landed a lead role in Death Note as a high school student corrupted by the power of a notebook that can kill.

Both Death Note films earned a combined $80m, making Fujiwara a household name in Japan.

The actor has continued TV work, including popular series Shinsengumi, but his true passion lies in the theatre. 'As far as acting, there's not much difference between stage and screen, but they each have their own charms. I'd like to continue doing both movies and plays,' he says.

Just before joining Star Summit Asia, Fujiwara completed a 54-performance run of The Merchant Of Venice at Tokyo's Galaxy Theatre under highly respected UK theatre director Gregory Doran.

Having already achieved considerable success in Japanese film, stage and television, Fujiwara is looking to branch out overseas.

'It's an exciting time for films coming out of Korea and the rest of Asia. I'm interested in working with directors and actors from other countries,' he states.

And, despite his ever-growing fame and respect, Fujiwara is modest about his participation in Star Summit Asia. 'It's an honour to be invited along with such talented actors. I hope to meet a lot of people and gain new experiences.'


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