Herbert Kloiber's Tele-Muenchen will step up its German-language feature production as a way of filling the gap left by the bursting of the Neuer Markt bubble.

"We are currently speaking with all independent producers and talents we didn`t have a chance of working with in the past because they were bound to certain companies through housekeeping deals and other arrangements", explained Tele-Muenchen/Concorde Film's Markus Zimmer.

"We made a start last year with Gregor Schnitzler's Soloalbum and Margarethe von Trotta's Rosenstrasse and showed that we have no preference regarding genres or stories with the spectrum reaching from contemporary comedy to historical melodrama", Zimmer said.

Zimmer plans to get involved in three to four co-productions or in-house projects a year and is already working with Comedian Harmonists director Joseph Vilsmaier on a Heimatfilm which will see Vilsmaier going back to his roots. It will be in the spirit of Autumn Milk or Brother Of Sleep.

In addition, Tele-Muenchen is working with screenwriting duo Robert Krause and Kathrin Schwarzwaelder on the drama Stern Von Afrika and Peter Maerthesheimer's adaptation with his regular collaborator Pea Froehlich of his novel Ich Bin Die Andere.