Telefilm Canada will support the production of seven feature films, including new projects from Marc-Andre Forcier (Une Histoire Inventee, The Countess Of Baton Rouge) and filmmaker and actress Micheline Lanctot (Sonatine).

The projects, six in French and one in English, will receive up to $191,000 (C$200,000) through the federal film agency's Low Budget Independent Feature Film Assistance Programme.

The projects in French are:

  • Nemesis, written and to be directed by Forcier, tells the story of 14-year-old Louis, a resident of an orphanage, who wants nothing more to be free of the place and take his nine-year-old sister with him. The problem is: he can't prove she is his sister.
  • Suzie, written and to be directed by Lanctot, looks at the sad and solitary life of a mother whose child was kidnapped 20 years ago. A taxi driver, she finds an autistic ten-year-old in the back seat of her cab.
  • Derriere Moi, written and to be directed by Rafael Ouellet tells the story of Betty, a young escort who wants to change her life, who meets a girl still younger than herself.
  • Le Pharmacien, written by Inderjeet Randhawa and to be directed by Chester Sit, follows a young pharmacist living in guilt following the accidental death of his girlfriend. Confronted by the vast pharmacopia at his disposal, he gradually begins experimenting.
  • Elle Veut Le Chaos, written and to be directed by Denis Cote, opens on a solitary road where an ex-underworld figure and his daughter-in-law have no chance to mourn the recent death of the woman who connected them. The outside world is pressing in.
  • A L'Ouest De Pluton, co-written and to be co-directed by Henry Bernadet and Myriam Verreault, follows the lives of a dozen teens over 24 hours in the suburbs.
Project in English:

  • The Animist, written by Mark Krupa and to be directed by Alexandre Franchi, begins in medieval times as warriors from different clans clash. The story switches to contemporary Montreal where these same persons are engaged in their actual jobs. But, as game heats up, the worlds collide and the interactive role-playing soon gets out of control.